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Kairos Studios llc is an Art+Design company whose creations bridge aesthetics and purpose

Welcome to the bridge between aesthetics and purposeful design


Kairos Studios is a collaboration between Artists looking to grow and share our passion through creations.  We invite you to use our art to grow your ideas, create masterpieces, and inspire others.  


Anne McLean

Director and Artist

"These blank books are functional pieces of art that lend inspiration to artists, writers, and people alike by giving each individual a creative space to place ideas. There is something immensely gratifying and uplifting about turning thoughts tangible.  This love of using multiple senses to engage ideas drives my passion for crafting physical idea space.  It is my belief that everything in this world is connected and art drives this connection – continuously influencing exploration and inspiring the exchange of ideas. Making a motivating space for thoughts to flow freely stimulates this inspiration and channels it into a productive outcome. 


My designs emerge from my surroundings and I’m often using nature’s architecture, textures, and colors to develop patterns that are incorporated into designs.  Always dabbling with new art forms and media, I bring a fresh approach to bookbinding via integration of techniques and methods across media.  This experimentation often takes form as captivating designs along the spine and cover – making these journals unique in the world of books.  While open spines are a trademark feature of Coptic stitching, my distinctive spine patterns are of my own creation, integrating my interest in math and science to vary the original form into a functional aesthetic piece. " 

Anne McLean is a graduate of North Carolina State University with a B.S. in Polymer and Color Chemistry and minor in Arts Entrepreneurship.  Anne teaches bookbinding and jewelry techniques at The NC State Crafts Center and in the studio.  Currently, she works at Organic Dyes and Pigments as a Business Development Representative. 



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